Month: April 2018

Episode 25 – Jared Cordes, inteGreen Plumbing

Jared Cordes, Master Plumber at inteGreen in Pratt, Kansas, joins Richard for today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Jared talks about his family’s long line of plumbers and his favorite thing about residential service.

Episode 24 – Fred Schilling, Plumbers Without Borders

Fred Schilling is a former Navy plumber, current business owner of Pipeline Plumbing, Building Commissioner for the state of Florida, and Vice President of the organization “Plumbers Without Borders”, an organization created to connect volunteer plumbing and mechanical tradespersons with organizations committed to increasing access to safe water and sanitation. Fred joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. For more information about “Plumbers Without Borders”, check out their website here:

Episode 23 – Frank Joseph

Join Richard on this crazy episode of Potty Talk LIVE! The scheduled guest was unable to appear on the show and Richard invited anyone from the live social audience to join him on the show and Frank Joseph answered the call! Check out the fun!

Episode 22 – Jimmy Espinoza, Iconic Plumbing Services

Jimmy Espinoza, owner of Iconic Plumbing Services, LLC in Mesa, Arizona, joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Jimmy has a passion for taking care of his crew. Watch this interview to hear how he serves his team.