Month: October 2018

Episode 104 – Plumbing Power Couples: Is Your Plumbing Business Haunted?

Join Batman Richard & Catwoman Laura for this SPOOKY Power Couples edition of Potty Talk LIVE! Is your plumbing business haunted????

Episode 103 – Selling Made Easy: The Secrets to Getting a YES

THE Plumbing Sales Guy, Chris Fresh (“CF”) is back in the house for another Selling Made Easy edition of Potty Talk LIVE. Richard and CF discuss the Secrets to Getting a “YES”!

Episode 102 – Workshop Edition: Is There Really Such A Thing As Work/Life Balance?

Is there really such a thing as work/life balance? Richard explores the myth and reality of having a plumbing business and a life, too in this Workshop episode of Potty Talk LIVE.

Episode 101 – Selling Made Easy: How To Save The Sale

Join Richard & CF for another episode of Selling Made Easy on Potty Talk LIVE as they discuss taking a moment to save the sale.

Episode 100 – Workshop Edition: The “ONE” Thing

Join Richard on this special episode of Potty Talk LIVE as he celebrates the 100th episode by sharing the secret, “The One Thing”, to having a successful plumbing business.

Episode 99 – Charlie Beis, Owner of Beis Plumbing in Imperial, Missouri

Charlie Beis, owner of Beis Plumbing in Imperial, Missouri is Richard’s special guest on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE!

Episode 98 – Selling Made Easy: Mindset – Getting Your Mind Right

Don’t let the last job mess with your head. In this Selling Made Easy episode of Potty Talk Live, Richard and CF discuss “Mindset – Getting Your Mind Right”.

Episode 97 – Workshop Edition: Do You Want To Change Your World?

Do you want to change your world? In this Workshop edition of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard shares 3 keys to going from where you are to where you want to be.