Month: March 2021

Episode 311 – Birds Of A Feather

In part two of a four-part series, 😎”MDP Mindset” 😎, Richard and Laura show why the people you hang out with could actually be πŸ”₯sabotaging πŸ”₯the success of your plumbing business and what you can do to avoid that pitfall.😁😁

Episode 310 – How To Be A Plumbing Business CEO

In part one of a four-part series, “MDP Mindset”, Richard and Laura share how to go from thinking like a plumber to becoming aπŸ’₯ CEO πŸ’₯of your plumbing business and why it is vital to the success of your business that you make that mind shift.😎😎

Episode 309 – How Do I Fire Plumbing Techs?

How do you know when it’s time to say “you’re fired!”? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ In this episode of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard goes over how to know when it’s time to let them go.😎