Episode 49 – Ryan Breytenbach, PlumVac Plumbing

Join Richard as he interviews special guest Ryan Breytenbach, owner of PlumbVac Plumbing out of Cape Town, South Africa. Ryan shares how he went from smokin’ in the boys room to starting a successful plumbing business.

Episode 48 – Tim Johnson, Tucker Plumbing

Tim Johnson, lead plumber with Tucker Plumbing in Melbourne, Florida, joins Richard on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE and shares the best advice he was given to have a successful plumbing career.

Episode 47 – Mason Ahrens, All Around Home Services

Mason Ahrens, owner of All Around Home Services out of Austin Texas is Richard’s guest on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE. Mason shares how teaming up with the Plumbing Outlaws and Iconic Plumbing is helping to grow his business.

Episode 46 – Joshua Meacham, Service First Pros

oin Richard as guest Josh Meacham owner of Service First Pros in Atlanta, Georgia, tells how he plans to grow his service business by adding plumbing to the mix.

Episode 45 – Codey Burke, Burke’s Sewer & Drain Service

Join Richard and his guest Codey Burke, owner of Burke’s Sewer & Drain Services in Mt. Sterling, KY as Codey shares how plumbing has taken him from highschool dropout to having his own successful plumbing business.

Episode 44 – Your “Why”

Richard talks about “Your Why” on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE!

Episode 43 – John Achzet, Las Vegas Plumber

John Achzet, apprentice plumber out of Las Vegas, Nevada, joins Richard on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE! John shares his unique opportunity to visit the White House and talk plumbing with President Trump.

Episode 42 – Zak Wiersma, Plumber & Singer

Zak Wiersma, plumber and singer out of western Michigan, joins Richard on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE! Join Richard and Zak as they discuss plumbing, music…and dead bodies found on the job?!

Episode 41 – Mark Vedette, MVP Plumbing

Mark Vedette, Owner of MVP Plumbing LLC in Maricopa, Arizona, joins Richard on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE! Mark shares why it was liberating to start his own plumbing company. And, the importance of making your bed.

Episode 40 – Mark Orozco, Dallas Plumber

Mark Anthony Orozco, plumber out of Dallas, Texas, joins Richard on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE! Mark shares his passion for plumbing and how he hopes to find a company that he can grow with and that will invest in him.