Plumbing Power Couples

Episode 104 – Plumbing Power Couples: Is Your Plumbing Business Haunted?

Join Batman Richard & Catwoman Laura for this SPOOKY Power Couples edition of Potty Talk LIVE! Is your plumbing business haunted????

Episode 95 – Plumbing Power Couples: Are You Both On The Same Page?

Ever feel like you’re both headed in different directions? This Plumbing Power Couples episode of Potty Talk Live will help you get back on track together!

Join Richard and Laura as they share how they managed to run a successful plumbing business AND have a working love affair.

Episode 92 – Plumbing Power Couples: Don’t Think Your Marriage Isn’t Working Just Because It’s Hard

Don’t think your marriage isn’t working just because it’s tough! In this Plumbing Power Couples episode of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard and Laura dispel the lies of husband and wife working together.

Episode 86 – Spartan Drain Machine Winner

It’s a RED CARPET event! Richard and Laura announce the winner of the Spartan Drain Machine on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE!

Episode 83 – Plumbing Power Couples: The 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions

On this episode of Plumbing Power Couples on Potty Talk LIVE, Richard and Laura answer the 3 most common asked questions they get from married plumbing business owners.

Episode 81 – Plumbing Power Couples: Don’t Love Them Just The Way They Are

A special Date Night edition of Potty Talk LIVE where Richard and Laura Behney challenge couples to NOT love each other “just the way they are.”

Episode 71 – Plumbing Power Couples: It Ain’t About Plumbing

Richard and Laura Behney talk about being a PPC (Plumbing Power Couple) and how it Ain’t About Plumbing!

Episode 69 – Plumbing Power Couples: Inaugural Episode

The Lovely Laura joins Richard on the inaugural episode of Plumbing Power Couples.