Power Tools

Episode 147- Power Tools Edition: Post-it-Notes Does Not A Database Make

Are you keeping track of your customers on post-it-notes, scratch pieces of paper or even your phone’s contacts?📝📝 How’s that working for ya? 🤔🤔

There’s a better way! Join Richard on this Power Tools Edition of Potty Talk LIVE where he talks with Larry Enright, CEO of SkyBoss, as they discuss how to improve on the post-it-note system. 👊👊👊

Episode 143- Power Tools Edition: Getting Google Verified

What is this new thing called Google Verified? 🤔🤔 Find out on this special Workshop edition as Richard talks with Google Premier Partners, SearchKings and learn why it’s a MUST that your business not miss the boat on the latest Google trend! 💻💻

Episode 136- Power Tools Edition: Larry Enright, CEO SkyBoss

Larry Enright, CEO of SkyBoss, a Field Management Software Company joins Richard on this Power Tools edition of Potty Talk LIVE. 🎙🎙

Larry will discuss how he went from a plumbing business owner to creating the premier field management software for plumbing businesses. 🤩

Episode 131- Power Tools Edition: What Are Google AdWords?

So what in the world are Google AdWords and why should I care? 😳Oh, you should!

Join Richard on this Power Tools Edition of Potty Talk LIVE, as he asks this important question to Google AdWords experts, Zak & Yaz of SearchKings. 💥💥