Workshop Edition

Episode 77 – Workshop Edition: THE Question

Richard addresses THE question he is asked constantly by plumbing bros all over the world.

Episode 75 – New High Tech Studio

The 1st episode from the NEW, HIGH TECH Potty Talk LIVE Studios! Join Richard as he talks about what’s coming up on Potty Talk LIVE.

Episode 67 – Special PTL Announcement

Richard makes a special announcement about the new features and special guests coming to Potty Talk LIVE!

Episode 64 – The 3 Keys to Plumbing Business Success

On this Workshop Edition of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard shares the three keys to plumbing BUSINESS success.

Episode 44 – Your “Why”

Richard talks about “Your Why” on this episode of Potty Talk LIVE!

Episode 38 – The 3 Truths About Lead Gen Companies

In this episode of Potty Talk LIVE, Richard shares and discusses “The 3 Truths About Lead Generation Companies” and what you can do to succeed.

Episode 37 – Getting “Real” With Men

Today’s Potty Talk LIVE is a discussion that is of interest to every man! We’re getting “REAL!”.

Episode 13 – Workshop Edition: No Show Joe

Join Richard in a discussion about NOT being a “No Show Joe”, and how easy it is to save a customer.

Episode 7 – Workshop Edition

The scheduled Potty Talk LIVE special guest was lost in the crawlspace of the world wide web. Richard fills in as his own special guest and shares a fun story of setting a record executive’s toilet in Nashville, Tennessee.