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Episode 14 – Cameron Ayers, US Army Plumber

Cameron Ayers in Asheville, North Carolina joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Listen in and support Cameron as he shares how he is ready to ship off and do plumbing in the United States Army.

Episode 13 – Workshop Edition: No Show Joe

Join Richard in a discussion about NOT being a “No Show Joe”, and how easy it is to save a customer.

Episode 12 – Dan Ryan, Ryan Plumbing

Dan Ryan, owner of Ryan Plumbing in Salem, Virginia, joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Dan shares his experience as a plumber in Boston, MA, as well as in Salem, Virginia, and the world of difference between the two.

Episode 11 – Orville Long, Down the Drain Plumbing

Orville Long, owner of Down The Drain Plumbing in Des Moines, Iowa, joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Listen in as Orville explains why he thinks “how plumbing looks is as important as that it doesn’t leak.”

Episode 10 – Jeremy Little, Next Level Plumbing

Jeremy Little, owner of Next Level Plumbing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Jeremy shares how he is taking his plumbing career to the next level by starting his own plumbing company.

Episode 9 – Craig Blansett, Blansett Plumbing

Craig Blansett, owner of Blansett Plumbing in Fort Benton, Montana, joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Craig shares how he is not only a master plumber but, by having his own plumbing company, he is master of his time.

Episode 8 – Andrew Morrill, Easy A’s Plumbing & Heating

Andrew Morrill, owner of Easy A’s Plumbing and Heating in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, joins Richard on today’s Potty Talk LIVE. Hear why Andrew loves residential service plumbing. (Apologies for the low quality video — bad internet connection.)

Episode 7 – Workshop Edition

The scheduled Potty Talk LIVE special guest was lost in the crawlspace of the world wide web. Richard fills in as his own special guest and shares a fun story of setting a record executive’s toilet in Nashville, Tennessee.

Episode 6 – Paul Kanner, Retired Plumber

Paul Kanner, retired plumber and Coast Guard skipper, shares how plumbing has provided a great adventure and life for him and there’s all kind of opportunities for plumbing pros. Check out the interview below.

Episode 5 – Jeff McCann, Superior Plumbing

Jeff McCann, owner of Superior Plumbing in Greer, South Carolina, shares how installing new main lines smells like money to him. Check out the interview below.